"How does a city scavenger hunt work" you might ask? Operation City Quest is an open interactive scavenger hunt, in which you use an app to seek out items in the city and complete challenges on our scavenger hunt app. The downtown adventure game is all walking, and perfect for family fun. Looking for things to do downtown? Take a tour of our site, then tour your city in the most unique way with Operation City Quest scavenger hunts!

Read step by step about how our scavenger hunt works below

Operation City Quest is a great team building activity, perfect for a group game downtown

HOW does a city scavenger hunt work


Purchase tickets

Purchase your Operation City Quest scavenger hunt tickets from our website by clicking here.


Redeem your Tickets

Redeem your ticket or voucher directly on our website. To redeem them, you'll select the day that you would like to play and enter your ticket or voucher number.


Download the scavenger hunt app

In order to play Operation City Quest, you'll need to download the scavenger hunt app called GooseChase onto your smartphone. Your guide can help you with this. The scavenger hunt app is compatible on iPhone and Android phones.


Starting your quest

On the day and time you want to play, you'll go to the Starting Location of the city you're playing in. Then, you'll follow the instructions in your reservation confirmation email. Remember, you are not alone. Your remote hosts will be monitoring your progress every step of the way!

Finding the objects


Beginning at the starting location of your game, you'll go on a city scavenger hunt to collect items throughout your city! You'll be given a scavenger hunt list and will be asked to find things around town such as fire hydrants, lamp posts, fountains, memorials, and more! The more things you find, the more points you get. Along the way, you'll also be asked to do challenges. If you're playing with a larger group, you can split up into teams and see who can find all the items first! With a ton of things to find, this game could take a while. Feel free to stop if you need to and continue later in the day. The goal is to find as many objects as possible and hopefully find all the items to beat the game.

Family playing in fountain during scavenger hunt adventure downtown Pensacola, FL