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Operation City Quest is a great team building activity, perfect for a group game downtown

Non city-specific scavenger hunt

about our non city-specific scavenger hunts

If your city is not listed on our website as one of our city specific locations or if it does not have a non city-specific suggested starting locations, don't worry - you can still play in any city of your choice! Simply purchase 1 non city-specific ticket per person, redeem your tickets, and then start the scavenger hunt app in any lively, downtown area of your choosing. These tickets give you access to the non city-specific version of our scavenger hunt. You will receive a list of items to find around the city via our scavenger hunt app. These items include anything and everything that can be found in a downtown area - ranging from historical markers, statues, fountains to different types of buildings, restaurants, businesses, vehicles, and more!

non city-specific scavenger hunt details

Starting Location: Any lively, downtown area of your choosing

City Specific? No

Time: about 2 hours

Distance: about 2 miles

Suggested Transportation: Walking and/or Driving (depending on where you choose to start)

Friends Taking a Selfie

Tickets & Prices

less than 10 players

If you have less than 10 players, you would purchase non city-specific individual tickets and then redeem them to get your scavenger hunt instructions

10 or more players

If you have 10 or more players, you would purchase a group event. Once purchased, an event coordinator will contact you & start getting your event ready in the app!

Our Scavenger Hunt is perfect for


Date scavenger hunts

Operation City Quest is a unique date idea for both new or established relationships. Our date scavenger hunt makes the perfect adventure for you and your partner. With our date version, you'll receive 6 additional challenges, that will help you and your partner bond and learn about each other. 


Birthday scavenger hunts

Looking for an awesome idea for a birthday party? Operation City Quest makes for the perfect party. Seek out items around your city with friends and family. Our birthday version comes with 6 additional challenges designed to help celebrate the birthday!


Bachelorette scavenger hunts

If you're looking for activities to do for a bachelorette party, look no further! Operation City Quest is the perfect scavenger hunt for all brides. With the bachelorette version, we add 6 additional challenges to your scavenger hunt, with the bride in mind.


Team Building scavenger hunts

Our team building scavenger hunts are perfect for any group, from small offices to large corporate teams, looking to build relationships and trust between participants. With our team building version, you'll get six additional challenges added into your game that create team bonding experiences that you won't forget. 

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